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Siempre estamos contentos de ayudar a periodistas y bloggers. En esta página encontrarás diferentes recursos audiovisuales y nuestros últimos artículos, y tendrás la posibilidad de solicitar contenido exclusivo.

What is Kontomatik?

Kontomatik is a state-of-art product designed to change the philosophy behind the traditional banking. With the help of our technology, financial organizations can now transform the industry as we know it and become true innovations.

Our team is strongly aimed to work closely with the journalists as we feel that the word about Kontomatik should be spread. If you are interested to cover Kontomatik in media - let us know and we will provide you with the full support.

Below we are listing some useful resources for the press, our library of press releases, logos and photos of our top people. However, we are not just stopping there. If you would like to compose a special story about Kontomatik - get in touch with us and we will supply you with some exclusive content that is tailor-made just for your resource!

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